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Water Heater Repair in Cedar Hill

our Cedar Hill Water Heater repair team installs new unitsThe dedicated staff at our Cedar Hill water heater repair shop would love to see you purchase a brand new, ultra efficient, gas tankless water heater today. Of course, we're looking out for your long-term budget. We still understand that it might be in your best interest to repair the water heater that you already own and get a lifetime's worth of use out of it.

We Repair It All

We repair T&P valves, sacrificial anodes, gas line valves, pilot lights, and water lines. We also suggest insulation for both your hot-water  pipes and heater. By keeping all of these parts in working order by having them maintenance yearly, you can both extend the life of the water heater and lower your overall water bill.

We Find What the Others Miss

If you've recently had your water heater serviced but are still having problems, give us a call for a thorough inspection. We can usually find what the other guys missed. If you are seeing rusty water, that's a sign that your sacrificial anode is failing and needs to be replaced. If you have a rotten odor assaulting your nose every time you turn on the hot tap, you've probably got sediment build-up in the bottom of your tank and need to have it flushed. We can even do a hydrogen peroxide flush if the smell persists.

Cedar Hill plumbing contractor surveys a water heater

We'll Get the Hot Water Flowing

Don't get left taking a cold shower because some fly by night service said there was nothing that could be done about your intermittent temperature issue. We'll check your thermostat and T&P valve to make sure they are in operating condition and then, if necessary, replace the electric heating element in the interior of the tank. We'll even check to see if the power is cycling and causing the tank to heat only to a certain temperature before shutting off.

Call in our Cedar Hill plumbers to get your water heater running at peak efficiency and save yourself cash today!